A kid’s excitement over getting just one like on his YouTube video has turned him into an internet star.

The young man goes by the name Sir Fedora.

He posted a video to YouTube hoping to get someone, anyone to like it – and it worked.

His most recent video now has nearly 70 thousand likes and about 400 thousand people have watched it — and he’s discovered some new found fame on twitter too, with more than 12 thousand followers.

Sir Fedora is back at it today, posting another video thanking everyone for the support.

He’s setting his goals a little higher this time, shooting for 100 likes. He already has 11 thousand.


The Texas Rangers big announcement today certainly has people talking.

After years of calling the stadium the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, baseball fans will have to get used to a new name – Globe Life Park.

On Wednesday, the new name was one of the top trending twitter topics in the country and most of the reaction was not good.

Mireya from Arlington tweeted “Globe Life Park? I’m just gonna keep calling the Ballpark in Arlington just so everyone knows.”

Dan wrote on the CBSDFW Facebook page, “All that really matters is the money from this being used to get/keep good players? If they win a world series are you really going to care what the name of the ballpark is?

Bob also asked on our Facebook page, “Will parking and tickets be cheaper now?”


A boxing promoter says he has lined up a fight between rapper DMX and  George Zimmerman.

The promoter has been looking for someone to fight Zimmerman in a celebrity style match and says he got 15 thousand suggestions.

Of all the volunteers, the promoter says he picked DMX.

If DMX signs the contract and agrees to the terms, the fight is scheduled for March 14.

It will only air on pay per view — no tickets will be sold.

The announcement was made today on what would have been the 19th birthday of Trayvon Martin, the teen Zimmerman said he shot and killed in self defense.