Selena Exits Rehab

North Texas native Selena Gomez is letting her fans know she is feeling good after a two week stint in rehab.

Gomez posted a months old picture on her Instagram account last night with the message, “I’ve done everything I could to the best of my ability.  Thank you for the unconditional love and cyber hugs. You inspire me.”

People have questioned what Selena is holding in her hand in the photo.  It looks like it could be a glass of red wine, which could be ironic because she was rumored to be in rehab for alcohol.

A representative for an Arizona treatment facility confirms the 21-year-old pop singer spent time there, but would only say she was not there for substance abuse.

Help For Ex-UT Worker

University of Texas students come up with some fast money to help a former fast food worker in need.

Ishmael Mohammed Junior was a fixture on the UT campus for more than a decade, putting a smile on the faced of thousands of students who visited the union.

Students knew him as Junior or the “Wendy’s guy.”  He left the university in 2012, to take care of his mom in his home state of New York.

But when former UT student, Benjamin McPhaul, ran into junior last week, he was living on the street.

McPhaul, started a go fund me page, hoping to raise two thousand bucks.  As of this afternoon, more than 1500 hundred people had donated more than 30 thousand dollars.

McPhaul says he’s working with social workers to help junior find a place to live.

Baby Loves Superman

The movie “Man of Steel” may not have wowed the critics- but don’t tell that to toddler Simon Gill.

His dad set up a camera to catch the 16 month old’s reaction to watching Superman fly — and within seconds, the boy is mesmerized.

Simon  does not take his eyes away from the screen — as he cheers, claps and gasps during superman’s flight.

Dad writes, “My 16 month old son reacts to the first flight sequence from man of steel. I’ve spawned another fan!”