A radio reporter decides to interview his daughters– after they get in trouble.

His five-year-old daughter Sadie thought it would be a good idea to give her three-year-old sister Eva a haircut.

After their mom finished screaming and crying, their dad interviewed them about it.

“I climb up on the bathroom and pick up the scissors.. And i just kept cutting. And it was so hard to cut. I was like la la la. I started at the bottom la la la,” said Sadie in the interview.

Dad asks, “When did you realize that something had gone wrong?”

Sadie responds, “When I finished and I looked at her and I was like uh oh. This is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.”

Click below to listen to the adorable three-minute clip.


Sports Illustrated is honoring Boston, its World Series win and the city’s heroes with its new cover.

World Series MVP David Ortiz appears on the cover with three Boston police officers – nest to the the words “Boston’s Finest Hour.”

This is the second cover shot for the officers– Rachel McGuire, Javier Pagan and detective Kevin McGill.

A candid picture of the three responding to the marathon bombings appeared on the cover of SI’s April 22 issue.


A high school teacher’s classroom trick is going viral.

During physics class, a teacher identified as Mr. Hovan, spins a basketball on a pencil and then proceeds to grade papers with the pencil – as the ball continues to spin.

A student captured the video on his phone and posted it to YouTube.

The New York Knicks and Harlem Globetrotters saw the video and posted comments.

The Harlem Globetrotters wrote, “Okay. We’ve got to admit, we’re impressed. Got a proposition for you… You agree to teach us that trick and we’ll teach you a few of our own.”

Mr. Hovan is a teacher at St. John’s College High School in Washington D.C.