Taryn Jones jumps in a Cadillac for a caffeine quest in this episode of Eat See Play.

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EAT SEE PLAY: Local Pick Me UpsTaryn Jones jumps in a Cadillac for a caffeine quest in this episode of Eat See Play.
Super Bowl Recipes: Anne Elise's Buffalo Chicken DipSuper Bowl Recipes: Anne Elise's Buffalo Chicken Dip
Super Bowl Recipes: Itzel's TaquitosSuper Bowl Recipes: Itzel's Taquitos
Fresh Grocer: Navel OrangesTony Tantillo has tips on picking, storing and enjoying the #1 citrus sold in the US -- navel oranges.
Fresh Grocer: Baby ArtichokesFresh Grocer: Baby Artichokes 
Delicious Dallas DessertsAfter this year, everyone deserves a treat. Taryn Jones hits the Dallas streets on the hunt for amazing sweets. Cookie? Cake? Pie? Ice Cream? Which is the best dessert? Tag us in a photo of your favorite! @eastseeplaydfw
Smart Cooking on a Traeger GrillWhat's Up DFW with Traeger Grills. Meat Church Founder Matt Pittman explains why Traeger Grills make it easy to make delicious meals right in your backyard... even if you aren't home!
Praising the love of BBQ at Meat ChurchOne Waxahachie storefront is your one-stop-shop for all your grilling needs. From apparel to classes Meat Church has it all but the real star of the show is their incredible rubs. Owner Matt Pittman explains how he accidentally created his booming business for a tv show and gives ESP's Taryn Jones a taste tour of his seasonings.
EAT SEE PLAY TACO TOURWe couldn't choose just one taco place, so we hit four. ESP's Taryn Jones takes you on a Dallas taco tour.
Picking The Sweetest, Meatiest Seedless Watermelon For Your Summer TreatSummertime is here and temperatures are heating up. Why not cool down with a cold piece of watermelon? Food contributor Tony Tantillo has advice for how to pick the best of the bunch.
EAT SEE PLAY: Order In and Support Local Spots!We can't wait to get back out there and explore the metroplex but in the meantime, let's support our local favorites by ordering pick up or delivery. We're all in this together and every little bit helps.
Fresh Grocer: String BeansFresh grocer Tony Tantillo has the lowdown of string beans – how to pick, store and cook them.
Everything You Need To Know About Prickly PearsEverything You Need To Know About Prickly Pears
Fresh Grocer: Red OnionsFresh Grocer Tony Tantillo gives tips on how to choose and store red onions before enjoying them on your favorite sandwich or salad.
Easter Egg RadishesNamed for their round roots in colors of purple, red, or cream, these crisp, mild-tasting vegetables are fun to grow for both kids and beginners.
Laotian Noodle Shop In Dallas Among The Hottest In U.S.They say they spent months eating their way across the country and now Bon Appétit magazine has come out with their list of the country's 10 best new restaurants... spoiler alert a Dallas eatery is in the Top 2.
Fresh Grocer: Purple KalePurple kale is popular year-round. Not only does it taste good, but is a superfood – loaded with nutritional value. Today food contributor Tony Tantillo takes a look at the colorful leafy green.
Fresh Grocer: The Beauty & Taste Of Valencia Pride MangosFrom their smooth skin, and unique shape Valencia Pride Mangos have a flavor like a Manila Mango and Haden Mango together. Today food contributor Tony Tantillo shows you how to pick and store Valencia Pride Mangos.
Fresh Grocer: Beautiful Color And Taste Of Striped PeppersThey’re good looking, good tasting and good for you. Today food contributor Tony Tantillo shows you how to choose and store striped peppers.
Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Honeydew MelonMelons are a summertime staple, and food contributor Tony Tantillo has advice for how to pick the best when it comes to honeydew melons.
Picking & Storing Mini Watermelons This SummerEliminate waster this summer by purchasing mini watermelons. Get the scoop from food contributor Tony Tantillo.
CBS 11 Catches up With Celebrity Chef Tim LoveThe restaurant business can be a grind, but when it's your passion the hard work and stress become a labor of love. That fits the life of Tim Love.
Fresh Grocer: Easter Egg RadishesTony Tantillo shows you how to pick and prepare the springtime vegetable Easter egg radish.
How To Select And Store Minneola TangelosFresh Grocer Tony Tantillo suggests you choose fruit that is heavy for its size and is nice and shiny. Always put the fruit on the counter and not in the refrigerator.

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