Beware, Crooks Eyeing Your Stimulus ChecksScammers never rest, not even during the coronavirus crisis.
Renters Cannot Be Evicted At Least Until April 19, Texas Supreme Court SaysSome counties in North Texas have already postponed eviction hearings beyond the April 19 deadline.
Financial Experts: No Rash Decisions With 401k During Coronavirus Uncertainty“For most people, the best course of action is sit tight, double buckle the seat belt, keep adding money while stocks are lowering and keep accumulating more shares.”
Texans Having Difficulty Filing Claims As Unemployment Numbers SpikeUnemployment claims are mounting as thousands of Texans find themselves jobless.
North Texas Woman Discovers Her Work-From-Home Gig Is Possible Illegal Reshipping OperationIt started out as the perfect work-from-home job. But when things didn't add up, a Fort Worth woman called The Ones For Justice.
Coronavirus News RoundupAmong other things going on, U.S. regulators are cracking down on fake treatments for the coronavirus.
New North Texas Homeowners Hit With Unexpectedly High Tax BillsA PID allows a city or county to charge a builder to develop roads, water, sewage, sidewalks, etc. A builder can pass that cost on to buyers and you'll see it on your property taxes.
New App Touted As 'World's First Robot Lawyer'The DoNotPay app vows to fight parking tickets, recover foreign transaction fees, sue companies and even take on robocallers.
Austin-Based 'Survivalist' Store Sees Coronavirus-Driven Sales Spike: 'People Are Calling Us Day And Night'An Austin-based company says it is struggling to keep up with consumer demand as they fulfill orders from around the country.
Rideshare Companies Now Offering Services That Cater To Your ChildrenParents know it's impossible to be in two places at once. But a new service emerging in the Metroplex could be the next best thing.
Digital Screens Are Tracking Our Behavior For Target AdvertisingEveryday fixtures are watching consumers in the car, at the mall, in the elevator, even while they're filling up their tanks at gas stations. The question up for debate is whether the public should be worried.
Are Digital Billboards Watching You?When you see digital billboard ads or the ads on gas pumps switch, it may not always be random.
CBS11 Investigates Online 'Florist' With Hundreds Of ComplaintsMore than 350 people have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau about Troys Florist.
The Short-Term Rental Market Is Exploding In Metroplex, Roiling Some CitiesWhen it comes to booking vacations, short-term rentals can offer chic accommodations at an affordable price, but some North Texas residents say that convenience comes with consequences.
Short-Term Rental Market Exploding In Parts Of MetroplexWhen it comes to booking vacations, short-term rentals can offer chic accommodations at an affordable price. But some North Texas residents say that convenience comes with consequences.
The Ones For Justice Helps Fight For Refunds After North Texas Music Festival CancelledLast July, Music Event Productions cancelled Music Fest 2019 due to "low ticket sales," according to emails received by customers. But they had a hard time getting their money back.
Family Vacation Layaways Make Travel More Accessible For Some, But Could Come At A PriceThese days you can put just about anything on layaway, including that upcoming family vacation.
Homeowner Faces Lien On Property If He Doesn't Pay Portion Of 'Shocking' Fort Worth Water BillLast October, records showed a sudden, dramatic spike in Tim Liang's water usage. The bill for water alone was $758.
US Lawmakers Hear From Woman Who Lost Life Savings To Scam RobocallThe caller claimed the woman's social security number had been compromised.
North Texan At Helm Of 'Do Not Call' Class Action LawsuitIt could be the ultimate David and Goliath story: a Collin County man, sick of unwanted phone calls, fought back against a billion-dollar company. Now he's won, and says anyone can do it.
Consumer Headlines: Recalled Strollers And Sci-Fi VisionBaby Trend is pulling four of its Tango Mini Strollers because the hinge joints can release and collapse under pressure — a falling hazard to kids.
BBB Warns Of 'Puppy Scams' OnlineCustomers paid hundreds to thousands of dollars for purebred puppies, only to discover the dogs never existed.
Consumer News: New Stickers On Texas Gas Pumps, Troubled Car Dealership Under New ManagementDrivers who want to complain about fuel quality, skimmers or price gouging will soon find stickers with contact information on pumps in the state. 
Hospital Parking Prices, Health Cares Controversial CostThe family said their son received amazing care at Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas. The problem was the parking.

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