Parking Lot Pushback At Newly-Planned Boutique HotelFort Worth has cleared the way for a new hotel, across from the new Dickies Arena opening later this year.
Tiny House Project = BIG Controversy In Lake DallasThe individual tiny house lots will be nestled around a shared green space. Each lot will be 800-900 square feet. So what's the problem?
Home Sales Slowing Down In FriscoA prominent real estate agent told CBS 11 offers are coming in on homes this month that are $20-$30,000 under the asking price.
Family Comes Up With Unique Way To Preserve Home's MemoriesA Dallas family knew that selling their home of nearly 70 years in an upscale neighborhood would likely lead to its demolition.
School District Sharing Good News With RealtorsRealtors and school district leaders say it's important to get first hand information about what's happening in the district.
How To Protest Your Property TaxesCBS 11 News shares strategies to give you a leg up when talking to the tax appraisal board.
Southlake Police Warn Of New Scam Costing Home Buyers ThousandsSouthlake Department of Public Safety detective Josh Ellis says the scam starts with a what appears to be a legitimate email and ends up costing victims big bucks.
Some Turning To Auctions To Sell Homes In North TexasEven in a hot real estate market like North Texas, sometimes a “for sale” sign just isn’t enough.
Millennials Changing Home-Buying ProcessMillenials are finding homes without leaving the house.
Home Tom Landry Lived In Is For SaleCheck out the inside of the legendary Cowboys' coach first Dallas home.
Death Delayed For Real Estate Agent MurdererThe lethal injection for the man convicted of killing a real estate agent in McKinney has been delayed.
Conservative Californians Being Wooed To North Texas By WebsiteThe site connects people in blue states with conservative realtors in Texas.
McKinney Continues Rapid GrowthThe mayor-elect of McKinney spoke with CBS 11 on how the city plans to handle their growth.
Homestead Exemption Disappearing For Some Tarrant County Taxpayerss the deadline to protest property tax valuations approaches, some homeowners are finding the thing that saved them the most, has disappeared.
Homeowners Say Real Estate Website Lists False ForeclosuresA stranger's knock lead to a troubling discovery for one North Texan.
Toyota Plant Leads To Plano Housing CrunchThe new Toyota plant in Plano is making it harder for families to find housing in the area.
Economy In Mansfield Taking OffMansfield city leaders expect 16,000-17,000 people to move to the city in the next two years.
New Home Development Attracts Many In Fort WorthWalsh is the largest development underway in the U.S. within 12 minutes of downtown Fort Worth.
A New Trend In The Housing MarketOpendoor, a company that buys homes and re-sells them, is said to be taking off.
Small Town Charm, Low Home Prices Describe 2 Booming North Texas CitiesThe houses are also affordable. One four-bedroom home comes with a pool and a price tag of just under $220,000.
One Of Highland Park's Oldest Mansions Scheduled To Be DemolishedYou can buy a piece of the home before it's destroyed.
Certain North Texas ZIP Codes Are BoomingNew proof North Texas is red hot when it comes to real estate.
Hot New Christmas Item Is A New HomeWith mortgage rates near historic lows, this is an ideal time to buy a home.
Rising Home Prices Putting American Dream On HoldA new report from the Dallas Federal Reserve that says just half of the homes sold here during the first quarter would be considered ‘affordable’ for median income families—In Dallas/Fort Worth about $61,600.

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