Some Hotel Rooms Getting Digital MakeoversSome Hotel Rooms Getting Digital Makeovers
PD: Autonomous Uber Accident May Not Have Been AvoidablePD: Autonomous Uber Accident May Not Have Been Avoidable
Amazon's Alexa Is Laughing & Creeping People OutSome users of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant have reported hearing an unprompted laugh from their smart speaker devices in the past day. The laugh happens randomly.
City Of Dallas Computer Systems Back Up & RunningCity Of Dallas Computer Systems Back Up & Running
Computer Virus Attacks Several Dallas SystemsTech teams are working Tuesday to fix computer systems for the City of Dallas after detecting a virus that impacted a number of operations, including the 911 dispatch center.
New Devices Can Track Your Pet In Real TimeWith today's technology, the odd are increasing a lost pet will be found.
Gov't Prepares To Unravel Net-Neutrality RulesAs the federal government prepares to unravel sweeping net-neutrality rules that guaranteed equal access to the internet, advocates of the regulations are bracing for a long fight. The Thursday vote scheduled at the FCC could usher in big changes in how Americans use the internet.
Hot Items As Amazon, Workers & Robots, Work Cyber MondayHot Items As Amazon, Workers & Robots, Work Cyber Monday
Amazon Centers In Texas Busy On This Cyber MondayGet ready to shop ‘til you drop without ever getting up from your desk or maybe even leaving your house. It’s Cyber Monday and retailers are trying to entice you to click the "buy" button online.
How To Protect Your Personal Info While Shopping OnlineThe days of camping in front of stores for the best Black Friday deals are over. Now, shoppers are camped out on websites, hoping to grab some discounted Christmas gifts on a computer or smartphone. However, there is a potential cost for that convenience unless you take the proper steps to safeguard your personal information.
Holiday Gift Ideas For The Techie In Your LifeBlack Friday is almost here, and CNET has some technology ideas that might make a perfect gift this season.
Twitter Rolling Out 280-Character LimitTwitter Rolling Out 280-Character Limit
New Polar-Orbiting Weather Satellites Set To LaunchHovering thousands of miles above earth weather satellites provide crucial data to the CBS 11 Texas Weather Experts everyday. This week, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will launch a new satellite that will make our team's weather forecasts even more accurate.
Google Pays Tribute To Late Latin Music Artist SelenaIf you visit Google on Tuesday, you may notice a special honor for the late Latina singer Selena. Google's daily doodle honors the Texas native who was murdered in 1995, just days before her 25th birthday.
Drivers Increasingly Distracted By Dashboard TechnologyWhen most people think of distracted driving they think of smartphones, but a new study says there are other distractions in vehicles that can be just as bad. The study done by AAA finds that technology built into the dashboards of many cars is taking drivers’ eyes and attention off the road and their hands off the wheel for potentially dangerous periods of time.
New Tech Lessons Chance Of Children Left In CarsCBS11's Jennifer Lindgren shows us a new preventative measure designed with safety in mind.
Aikman Leads Fundraising Campaign For United WayA Dallas Cowboys legend is lending a hand to help the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman is leading a year-long digital fundraising campaign that appeals to the generosity of Texans.
2 North Texas Cities Having 911 ProblemsThe issue in Plano involves a mobile network, the one in Rowlett a city outage.
Customers Begin Receiving Tesla's New Model 3Customers are starting to receive the first batch of Tesla's new Model 3 cars on Friday. The mainstream vehicle sells at a starting price of $35,000.
Transgender Woman Trolls Abbott With PhotographA transgender woman took her 'bathroom bill' protest directly to Gov. Greg Abbott, and he may not have even noticed.
Racers Prepare For Solar Car Competition At TMSOne of the largest solar car races on the planet is happening this week in North Texas. Check out some of the racers who will be competing. They come from 36 high schools across nearly a dozen states.
Soundwave Tattoos Turn Skin Art Into AudioA tattoo innovation is bringing a new way to preserve memories. Soundwave tattoos combine ink and technology, turning skin art into audio that can be played with an app.
Young Boy's Anti-Violence Plea Goes ViralA 6-year-old boy has had enough of hearing about violence. His plea made on Facebook has now gone viral.
McKinney Boy's Invention Prevents Hot Car DeathsAn 11-year-old boy from McKinney has invented a device that is designed to prevent children from dying after being left in hot cars.

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