Learning the F.A.S.T. warning signs might just save you from dying from a stroke.

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What is Alzheimer’s?Dr. Jennifer T. Arnouville explains why Alzheimer’s is on the rise and what you can do to stop it.
Living With Alzheimer’sHusband and wife team, Roger and Mary Jane Ashton, share the daily obstacles that life with Alzheimer’s presents.
A Daughter’s Guide To Alzheimer’sLocal author Robin Gail, joins us to discuss her book “Dementia or Alzheimer's: A Daughter's Guide to Home Care from the Early Signs and Onset of Dementia through the Various Alzheimer Stages."
How Women Can Invest In Their FutureWhy are women falling behind in retirement savings?
Your First Credit CardWhen is the right time to get your first credit card? Lacamp explains the pros and cons of giving your child a credit card.
State Of the EconomyWith interest rates low and the housing market strong, Financial Advisor, Jim Lacamp, offers his assessment of the economy right now.
Trade WarsFinancial Advisor, Jim Lacamp, talks about the incentives to reach a trade deal with China.
Ways To HelpOur Father’s Children can’t operate without the help of our community.
Volunteering For Our Father's ChildrenThe OFC camps/retreats are staffed by volunteers that go through an interview and screening process and training that is specifically designed to understand the needs and behaviors of abused and neglected children.
Programs Offered By Our Father’s ChildrenOur Father’s Children offers three programs for children of abuse and neglect in North Texas.
Our Father’s ChildrenOur Father’s Children exists to reach out to children of abuse and neglect in North Texas.
CompostingApproximately 30% of all waste currently going to the landfill could be composted.
Sustainable LivingGary Cocke, from The University of Texas at Dallas, offers easy tips on ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
Drive Clean TexasBy taking simple steps, you can reduce vehicle emissions and save money at the pump.
Wish-CyclingTwenty-five percent of what people drop in the recycle bin is actually trash.
Clean & LeanNew York Times bestselling author, Dr. Ian Smith, joins us to talk about his latest book, Clean & Lean: 30 Days, 30 Foods, a New You!
Clean & Lean - DietDr. Ian Smith explains intermittent fasting and how combining that with real, whole foods, helps you drop the pounds.
Clean & Lean - ExerciseDr. Ian Smith breaks down his customized exercise plans for all fitness levels, that he says, “will energize and accelerate your results."
Clean & Lean - SupportJoin Dr. Ian Smith online for personalized weight loss help.
What Is A Stroke?Neurointensivist, Dr. Ishwara Sankara, explains who is at risk of a stroke and what can be done to prevent it.

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