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3Curl Dove & LodgeThis weekend on "DFW Outdoorsman", we're on a dove hunt with our good friends at 3Curl Outfitters. We also get a tour of their new lodge and event center near Avalon, Texas, just 45 minutes south of Dallas. You'll be very impressed with Wild Acres Event Center, and we always have a great time with the team at 3Curl Outfitters.
Best of Greystone HuntingThis weekend, we relive some of our most exciting hunts at the incredible Greystone Castle Sporting Club. Join us for black buck, upland bird and spring turkey hunts at this truly world-class sportsman's paradise located just an hour west of Fort Worth. Then, book your day at Greystone and we just might see you out there.
708 - Top Water Fishing Pt. 2This weekend on "DFW Outdoorsman", Woody's back on a private lake near Lake Fork to continue a friendly top-water fishing competition with top guides, Jason Hoffman and Andrew Grills, and our pals Nicholas and John. We continue to catch and release a bunch of our beautiful Texas Large Mouth Bass and we get more great tips on top-water fishing. So, tune in this weekend, for part two of a fantastic fishing trip with "DFW Outdoorsman".
707 - Top Water Fishing Pt. 1This weekend on "DFW Outdoorsman", Woody's on a private lake near Lake Fork for a friendly top water fishing competition with top guides, Jason Hoffman and Andrew Grills, and our pals Nicholas and John. We catch a mess of beautiful Texas Large Mouth Bass and we get some great tips on fishing with frogs and swim jigs as well. In fact, there was so much action, we couldn't fit it into just one episode! So, tune in this weekend, for part one of a fantastic fishing trip with "DFW Outdoorsman"
706 - Greystone TurkeyThis weekend on “DFW Outdoorsman”, we’re on a Spring turkey hunt at one of our favorite places, Greystone Castle Sporting Club. The Rio Grande turkey can be an elusive prey and this multi-day hunt shows how getting a big Gobbler in range can make for a tricky but very rewarding hunt. And, as always, the folks at Greystone Castle make the experience top-notch! So, tune in this weekend and join Woody on a fun and exciting Spring turkey hunt at one of the best hunting locations on the planet.
705 - Fish TalesThis weekend, we dig into the old tackle box and pull out some fish tales from the past when we tag along with Marcus Spears, Cam Lawrence and Judy Rhodes as they fish for bass at a top-secret location, do some night-time bow fishing and troll for a river dinosaur. It's some fun Texas fishing on DFW Outdoorsman!
HBSF 2020This weekend on “DFW Outdoorsman”, we’re at the annual Higgins Branchini Shooting Foundation upland hunt and fundraiser. With excellent dog work, in perfect bird fields, at the Orvis endorsed Greystone Castle Sporting Club, my shooting partners and I have a blast hunting Pheasant, Chukar, Quail and Hungarian Partridge. It’s good times, some pretty good shooting, and a day of fundraising support for collegiate shooters. Join us this weekend for some great upland bird hunting on “DFW Outdoorsman”
Cam H3P WhitetailThis weekend on “DFW Outdoorsman”, we reunite with our good buddy and former Cowboy, Cameron Lawrence where he’s our guest host on a bow hunt at H3P Ranch. We always have a great time with Cam, and this trip definitely does not disappoint! If you like bow hunting, and you just might be interested in owning your own North Texas ranch, be sure to join us this weekend on “DFW Outdoorsman”.
LSAC Dove 2020This weekend, Woody travels to Throckmorton Texas for the annual Lone Star Ag Credit Dove Hunt and appreciation day. This trip is always a good time spent in the field with old friends and new, shooting dove and swapping stories. We also take a trip down memory lane with Judy Rhodes from Diva WOW, as she stalks a Hawaiian Black Ram right here in North Texas, and we get to chat about how Lone Star Ag Credit can help any of us finance our own piece of Texas. So, join us this weekend for another fun day afield on “DFW Outdoorsman”.
3Curl Dove 2020This weekend, join Woody with Brett and Charles from 3Curl Outfitters as they put a hurtin’ on some white-winged doves during this year’s opening day! It’s good times and some pretty good shootin’ on DFW Outdoorsman.
All Star Mahindra Interview3All Star Mahindra Interview3
All Star Mahindra Interview2All Star Mahindra Interview2
All Star Mahindra Interview1All Star Mahindra Interview1
CBS 11 News Now: Sunday EveningCheck out what's making the headlines across North Texas this Sunday evening.
608 - DSC 2020This weekend on DFW Outdoorsman, we visit the Dallas Safari Club’s annual convention. This is absolutely a must for any outdoorsman and outdoorswoman! With approximately 1,000 (yes, 1,000) vendors, you are sure to find several of your next outdoor adventures, as well as the latest clothing and equipment to make your experiences even better. Tune in and check out the amazing DSC Convention, and we hope to see you out there at the next one.
Greystone ExoticThis weekend on DFW Outdoorsman, we travel back to one of our favorite destinations, Greystone Castle Sporting Club, for an exotic European Fallow Deer hunt. While Woody is on a photo safari with Greystone’s Sean Cochran, DFW Outdoorsman’s partner and VP/GM of All Star Auto Group, Nicholas Valera, is with Greystone Guide, Cody Mohler, to hunt the beautiful European Fallow. The number and variety of exotic game at Greystone is incredible, and we always have a great time. So, join us on safari just one hour west of Fort Worth.
3Curl QuailThis weekend, one of Woody’s sons joins him on a fantastic quail hunt with the guys from 3Curl Outfitters. Our hunting guide, Tom, also has his son along to help with dog handling. So, it’s a fun, father and son quail hunting trip a little south of Waxahachie. And, since we’re hunting with 3Curl Outfitters, it’s sure to be a fun and successful hunt! So, this weekend, join us on a very special father and son hunting trip, on DFW Outdoorsman.
3 Curl Duck HuntThis weekend, we revisit a late season waterfowl hunt we took with our good friends from Three Curl Outfitters. We stayed at their lodge in the Waxahachie area, we toured the property and we got up early for a fun morning hunt. The guys from 3Curl are skilled at getting their hunters on the birds, and they are a lot of fun to be around too. They shared some of their duck hunting tips and we tackle the challenges of squeezing three hunters, a wet dog, a camera guy and three cameras into a duck blind. This was a fun hunt, with a lot of duck hunting “secrets” revealed for the benefit of our DFW Outdoorsman viewers! So, after your early morning duck hunt this weekend, tune in to DFW Outdoorsman for some more fun on our duck hunt with 3Curl Outfitters!
Red River TurkeySpring turkey season is approaching fast, so let’s revisit a recent hunt for ole Tom. Woody and the DFW Outdoorsman Team take a trip to Red River County, for an Eastern turkey hunt. We camo-up and join our friends, champion turkey caller Lee Lindeman, and his son and hunting guide Layne Lindeman, to stalk, setup a sneaky hiding spot and attempt to call this elusive bird in close. Do we get a gobbler? Tune-in and join the hunt!
HBSF – GreystoneThis weekend, Woody joins the folks from the Higgins Branchini Shooting Foundation at their annual upland bird hunt and fundraiser. This year it was held at the incredible Greystone Castle Sporting Club. Located just an hour west of Fort Worth, it’s one of the premiere hunting facilities in the world, and they have some of the best birds, guides and dogs I’ve ever hunted with. HBSF is all about raising funds to supports grants for collegiate shotgun shooters and they are doing great things to support the future of our shotgun sports. So, join us this weekend, for some excellent bird hunting with the folks from HBSF.
Choice Cuts – CameronThis weekend, DFW Outdoorsman takes a walk down memory lane as we relive some of the outdoor adventures we’ve shared with former Cowboys linebacker, Cameron Lawrence. Cam has been a guest many times on DFW Outdoorsman, and we’ve really enjoyed having his outdoors skills, his endless enthusiasm and his infectious laugh along for the ride. You’re sure to enjoy this scrapbook of some of the best times we’ve shared with our good friend, Cameron Lawrence.
Greystone Castle 3 – ComboWe spent two days at the incredible Greystone Castle Sporting Club, and this place is truly amazing! A beautiful lodge, super friendly staff, and some of the best hunting and fishing available anywhere! On this trip, we got to do an upland combo hunt for pheasant, quail, chukar and hungarian partridge on day one, and a flighted duck hunt on day two. Then, of course, there was the amazing food, the luxury lodging, some fun and lessons on Greystone’s unique and challenging sporting clays courses, and we took an adventurous ATV ride around their grounds! That’s a whole lot to include in one show, so in this episode, we’ve combined a little bit of the whole experience. Come along for some of the fun and outdoor adventure available just about an hour west of Fort Worth, at the incredible Greystone Castle Sporting Club!
Dove Opener 2019 Part 2Our dove hunting trip on the second day of the season was so successful this year, we couldn’t fit it into just one show. So, here is part two of our dove hunt with the guys from 3Curl Outfitters. We tagged along with Bret, Charles and the rest of their guides for an employee appreciation day hunt, and as usual with these guys, we had a great day! Good fun, good shooting, and a little more info about what all 3Curl offers the outdoorsman and outdoorswoman in North Texas. So, join us for another fun and successful day in the field for that annual Texas tradition of dove hunting!
Dove Opener 2019Second dove season is now open! So, this weekend we revisit our dove hunt with the guys at 3Curl Outfitters for this year’s dove season opener! Dove season is an annual tradition for North Texas hunters. It gets us out in the field for the camaraderie and fun that a day of hunting with friends and family brings. On this hunt, Woody and the guys from 3Curl Outfitters talk North Texas dove hunting, we shoot at some doves and we hit a few too. So join us this weekend, and then get out for a little dove hunting, before they all head south.

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