Lone Star Ag Credit Dove hunt 2016 Pt1Throckmorton County Dove Hunt with Elliott Moore & Cameron Lawrence
DFW Outdoorsman with Zack King "Big Plan in the Southland"The Zack King Band, creators of the DFWO theme music play for a DFW Outdoorsman montage
DFWO Shooting Competition 4part 4 of 4
Competition Shooting Segment 3Elliott, HK Professional Shooter Sara Yarborough, and local police officer showcase their competitive shooting skills
Competition Shooting Segment 2Elliott, HK Professional shoot Sara Yarborough, and a local police officer show their skills at shooting competitions.
Competition Shooting Segment 1Elliott, HK Professional shoot Sara Yarborough, and a local police officer show their skills at shooting competitions.
DFW Outdoorsman visits Greystone Castle part 4Ep I Segment 4 of 4
DFW Outdoorsman Visits Greystone Castle part 3Ep I Segment 3 of 4
DFW Outdoorsman visits Greystone Castle, Part 2Ep I Segment 2 of 4
DFW Outdoorsman visits Greystone CastleEp I Segment 1 of 4 Greystone Castle west of Ft. Worth is one of the best lodges in America that is right in our backyard.
Cleaning Crappie with Mr. CrappieWally Marshall "Mr Crappie" shows the fast easy way to clean crappie
Deer Hunting With Combat Marine Outdoors"DFW Outdoorsman" goes to Hunt County to do some deer hunting with folks from Combat Marine Outdoors, which provides hunts to wounded military heroes.
Expert Tips For Cleaning A DoveCharles Spiegel shows how to expertly clean a dove for cooking.
Birds With Bands Around Their LegsSome of the birds that hunters harvest featuring bands around their legs. J.J. Kent explains what those mean.
Expert Offers Goose Calling TipsFind out the best way to call a goose while you're out hunting.
Even A Child Can Clean A DoveYoung helper Bryce Jepson helps show the proper way to clean a dove for cooking.
Expert Offers Duck Calling TipsJ.J. Kent offers some tips for an effective duck call.
Turkey Calling TipsThere are many different types of calls used while turkey hunting in Texas.
Breasting A Wild TurkeyLayne Lindeman shows how to properly breast a wild turkey.
How To Tie A Palomar KnotShad Schenck shows how to tie a strong and easy knot for fishing.
The Importance Of CamoA turkey's vision is its most important defense, so camouflage helps increase the success of hunts.
2 Lures, 1 FishThe "DFW Outdoorsman" crew goes fishing at Hageman Reserve.

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